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We cannot support taxation without representation, which is what the amendments in this bill mean. That is plenty of time to consult with people.

They should see, by now, whether it is feasible. Mr Deputy Speaker, I move that the bill be now read a second time. As a result — this is why we are here — the coroner recommended introducing tougher penalties for offenders who speed or drive recklessly or dangerously when evading police.

The reality is, member for Nelson, I will not be changing any boundaries anywhere until at least after the next election. I am not convinced we will make hundreds of thousands of dollars out of this.


The Territory road toll currently sits at No, hang on, hear me through, member for Fong Lim. It is now accepted that the ATO capabilities have improved significantly in terms of data matching and personal identification technologies since this earlier view. Will they suddenly have this new imposition on their cost of living.

The coroner said in his findings that he believed the Northern Territory police had taken the correct course of action and appropriate steps to call off their pursuit in trying to ensure a safer outcome.

That would be Marrakai, Douglas Daly and Dundee. The opposition will not support this bill because it paves the way for this government to apply rates to unincorporated areas of the Northern Territory, those areas which lie outside of a local government area.

If that is the case, the counter argument will be about which services correspond with this new tax. I was on that side of the Chamber and I was bringing in major legislation around creating a residential building industry insurance scheme to protect Territory families from losing all their savings should the builder go broke, disappear or become insolvent.

The member for Daly has placed a good time frame on dealing with these issues around services, governance and defining the unincorporated areas through economic modelling. Important Dates Please contact Customer Service on to discuss late applications and upcoming intakes. Despite the argument that the bill seeks to align the Darwin Rates Act with the existing Local Government Act, the Darwin Rates Amendment Bill does not use exactly the same definition of land exempt from rates as that applied in the Local Government Act.

We can talk about all those developments in the East Arm logistics precinct and those businesses and buildings stepping out of the ground; it is a rapidly growing industrial area of Darwin. There are a range of concerns, but the one that has been coming back to me constantly is this idea of taxation without representation.

It is very clear they will be charged for government services provided. It is taxation without representation, something I thought the government would support.

I copped it in a respectful way, but I copped it. You have to take with a grain of salt some of the comments we hear from the Labor Party. A centralised tribunal approach will allow aggrieved members wishing to challenge an administrative decision a simple, transparent and direct avenue.

Conceivably, it is not beyond the realm of reality that these matters could end up being heard in the Supreme Court, and the sentencing capacity of the superior court outweighs the sentencing capacities, in a general discussion, of the inferior courts.

I do not disagree with modernising an act, but it should be taken off the books at the right time. It is very unclear. Career Guidance Click here to find out more Signs Apprentices in the sign and graphic industries learn the skills needed to produce a huge range of signage products.

It does not compute. Importantly, the bill includes a significant expansion of options for rating, meaning the minister will have a raft of options available to him to rate properties included in the prescribed areas.

Mat and Alex took the leap of faith with the help of local business advisor Rob Green at Stirling Accounting. It does not matter, as with any other council, whether you live within your council area or not — you can reside or own property — you would expect to be able to tell council your feelings about rates.

Let us be very clear, it is a tax on land. I am not saying this is easy, but this is not the way to go about convincing people they need local government. Indicative Government Subsidy indicates the amount the Government is contributing to the cost of this course.

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We’re lucky Terry and Jenny chose Portarlington for their. The current act also outlines land that is not rateable, for example, that which may be used for a school, library, a public reserve, sports grounds and churches. Amendments include introducing the capacity to use different kinds of rating in the Darwin rates area and any expanded rates area outside of Darwin.

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Signwriting today Traditional signwriting is enjoying a revival largely due to North American writers and their growing influence on English and European sign artisans such as David A.

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Signwriting apprenticeship geelong library
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