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After the five heroine's routes are completed, the story shifts to a setting amid a ruined Kazamatsuri where Kotarou encounters Kagari in a world after re-evolution, still on the Moon.

She has a playful personality and has an extremely strong pet dog named Chibi-Moth, [16] which is actually a familiar created by Kotori from the body of her dead pet dog Pero. You are now a hero.

Due to Kotori contracting her powers and Druid identity from a magical mistletoe imbued with the powers of a Druid, as well as finding a power spot that emits life energy in the forest, she can create familiars without using up her life force.

Kotarou at this point is a unified entity of all the Kotarous from all timelines where humanity was destroyed and he has memories of these events. Kotarou unwillingly stabs Kagari, and after a kiss, they evolve into an orb of light inside a tree.

Hideki Motosuwa, a prep school student, desperately wants to buy a Persocom but cannot afford to. Auction website on September 3, and sold for 1, yen after starting the auction at 1 yen. By the time he wakes up, Kotori is in junior high school, and Kotarou later graduates junior high with Kotori.

They live in a controlled society and are assisted in daily life by autonomous robots called AutoReivs. She has heterochromiathough wears an eyepatch over her golden-colored right eye as she is very self-conscious about it; her left eye is blue.

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Now called Team Kakashi, the missing Sasuke is replaced by Sai. One is Kotori Kanbe, Kotarou's childhood friend in his class who has few friends [15] and starts attending school regularly after joining the club.

She tells him she must initiate re-evolution, but since this would lead to a dead world, Kagari must find good memories brought out through the betterment of life on Earth, as opposed to bad memories caused by war and conflict.

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Puck, enraged, transforms and kills Petelgeuse and his cult, then freezes Subaru to death as punishment for Emilia's death. Sizuru joins the club with her close friend Lucia Konohana, another heroine and the class representative of Kotarou's class.

The girl, Miyako Miyamura, soon awakes and the two begin to talk. A child soldier born into chaotic conflict. Now a man, Afro journeys to the mountain to face destiny. When a prince seeking immortality unleashes an ancient force, a raging war becomes the fiercest inferno the wizards have ever faced.

A single for "Rewrite" was released on May 27, There he meets Nobuna Oda - not Nobunaga, Nobuna. In this world, all the famous warlords of the era are female. Both songs are remixes of theme songs featured in the original Rewrite and Rewrite Harvest festa.

Sub Legend of Heroes: Hellsing Ultimate Synopsis Hellsing, a secret organization of the British government, has long been battling supernatural threats to keep the people safe from creatures of the night.

On the brink of death he is taken in by a young woman doctor and used as a guinea pig for the next evolution of Texhnolyze. Texhnolyze Synopsis In a man-made underground society, descendants of a banished generation vie for control of the crumbling city of Lux.

With his new wings, Ikki fights in fierce Air Treck battles. Music of Rewrite Rewrite has seven pieces of theme music: Kotarou becomes disillusioned with Guardian's tactics and returns to Kazamatsuri where he meets Kagari again. The five system sound themes included with the Rewrite laptops were released with the fan disc, with the addition of dialogue of Kagari by Kana Hanazawa.

Mononoke Synopsis In feudal Japan, evil spirits known as mononoke plague both households and the countryside, leaving a trail of fear in their wake.

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Description from Here Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. Read Rewrite: Side-R manga English online free at mangahere Rewrite: Side-R manga, mangakakalot Rewrite: Side-R manga, Rewrite: Side-R mangapanda, Rewrite: Side-R mangareader.

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Looking for information on the manga Rewrite: Side-R? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings/10().

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