Native americans in california missions

From Hutchins California Magazine, The missions also created new political dynamics in local villages. Another cause for the high death rate among Indians who were enslaved in the missions was the unsanitary conditions in which they were forced to live.

The formation of large communities facilitated the conversion to Catholicism of the Indians. Although the stated goal of the missions was to convert the native peoples to christianity, the real goal was to acquire a source of cheap labor for the missions, presidios fortsand later the pueblos and ranches.

However, the strict regulation, cruel and unusual punishments and forced new traditions are extremely inhumane acts.

Retrieved 11 December The Franciscans provided each individual with Spanish names which were to be used instead of their native birth names.

California’s Mission Indians

He was driven from his home by the thousands, starved, beaten, raped, and murdered with impunity. Padres generally sited the missions close to existing Native American communities.

The Spanish were only in contact with the Native Americans for personal gain. Each mission had two priests, one for spiritual teaching and the other for vocational instruction. The very first Franciscan mission was built in San Diego during Inthe Mexican government passed a law that secularized and ended missions.

In addition, malnutrition caused toxins in their bodies. Junipero Serra went on to establish eight more missions before his death in Inthe Spanish governor outlined the causes for the high Indian mortality rates in the missions: Eleven of the Southern California reservations were included under the early 20th century allotment programs, which broke up communal tribal holdings to assign property to individual households, with individual heads of household and tribal members identified lists such as the Dawes Rolls.

Farming was an especially important job in the mission community. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Native Americans of San Fernando Rey

Although the California Missions had the right intentions of providing for the Native Americans, the Spanish acted in an inhumane and unfair way. But many also continue aspects of their pre-colonization cultural traditions. The Mission Indians also died from respiratory ailments and illnesses caused by poor sanitation.

From the viewpoint of the Spanish, Indians were a form of labor which could be exploited. Missions were built around patios that contained fountains and a garden. Part of their goal was to obliterate all features of Native American culture and society and to create a replica of Spain in California in which land-owning Spanish would be served by an Indian peasant class.

The missionaries tended to believe that epidemics were a punishment sent by God and that they should not interfere with the will of God.

McKanna, Clare Vernon Southern California locations[ edit ].

Native Americans in California Missions Essay Sample

Both learned Spanish and attended church. Elders teach younger generations how tend plants to yield traditional foods and basket weaving materials. This punishment including public flogging, and the use of the stocks and shackles. On the same day, hundreds of Native Americans attacked the Spanish defenders and soldiers.

The missions were geographically isolated from the rest of New Spain until the early nineteenth century and this tended to isolate them from many epidemics.

Initially, missions recruited converts from local villages; once baptized, the Indians moved to the missions, a process that initially did not occur rapidly. Slavery is defined as an economic exploitation that benefits only the slave-owner.

Indian people did not come joyously or freely to live and work at the new missions. With no acquired immunity to the new European diseases, and changed cultural and lifestyle demands, the population of Native American Mission Indians suffered high mortality and dramatic decreases especially in the coastal regions where population was reduced by 90 percent between and Highly infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles, and syphilis killed thousands of Native Americans, especially children, so the Indian population dropped drastically Sandos, This variation was reflective of the Native Americans who made up the missions communities and the personalities of the missionaries.

Native Americans and California Missions

Harmer Soon, most of the mission lands and buildings were appropriated by government officials including Governor Pio Pico or sold. In the California missions, the new European diseases-smallpox, mumps, measles, malaria- killed many of the Indians who were forced to live there.

The Mission Indians also died from respiratory ailments and illnesses caused by poor sanitation.

List of Missions &Asistencias

Dec 21,  · Watch video · The California missions began in the late 18th century as an effort to convert Native Americans to Catholicism and expand European territory. History professor Willy Bauer showed some slides as he lectured on the native peoples and the missions of California.

He is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes and. This website was created by the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center. It seeks to present Native points-of-view on the history and impact of each of California's twenty-one Missions on California tribes for California K students, teachers, and the general public.

In the California missions, the new European diseases-smallpox, mumps, measles, malaria- killed many of the Indians who were forced to live there. The Mission Indians also died from respiratory ailments and illnesses caused by poor sanitation.

Impact of the California Missions on Native Americans. The History Project at UC Davis. HSS Content Standards Students describe the social, political, cultural, and economic life and interactions among people of California from the pre-Columbian societies to .

Native americans in california missions
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