Concept of delegation

Let us examine each of the above principles form the standpoint of delegation of authority i. Following are some popular definitions of delegation of authority: It does not means that he can escape from his responsibility. At the same time, responsibility is absolute and cannot be shifted.

According to this principle, there are certain matters which must be handled by the superior alone in his personal capacity; because he happens to be the fittest person for that purpose in view of his placement in the organization.

The principles of delegation are as follows: Management is the art of getting things done through others and delegation means to get the results through the subordinates. What do you mean by delegation of authority.

That is when the individual in charge authorizes someone to assume all or part of their duties and grants them the authority to act in their place. Authority pertains to those who are given the power to enforce laws like a government officials.

Delegation Delegation refers to the employee management by allocating tasks and duties to each individual employee and specifying them what to do and when to do.

Every superior is responsible for the acts of their subordinates and are accountable to their superior therefore the superiors cannot pass the blame to the subordinates even if he has delegated certain powers to subordinates example if the production manager has been given a work and the machine breaks down.

What is a delegate. According to this principle, if a subordinate is given a responsibility to perform a task, then at the same time he should be given enough independence and power to carry out that task effectively. The authority should be given in such a way which matches the task given to him.

With the reduction of load on superior, he can concentrate his energy on important and critical issues of concern.

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Delegation of authority would remain not only incomplete but also ineffective, unless and until, the subordinate to whom authority is delegated is made answerable to the superior who delegates authority to the former for the proper and efficient discharge of the assigned work. Therefore, it becomes important that with every authority position an equal and opposite responsibility should be attached.

He can pass on only a portion of his authority to the subordinate.

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Concept, Nature, Process and Principles Article shared by: It raises their self-esteem and confidence. Delegation is a straightforward means of assigning tasks to your employees. Empowerment seeks to give an employee more authority with the aim of developing employee commitment, enthusiasm and expertise, while encouraging innovation that will benefit the organization over time.

Concept of Delegation of Authority: Delegation of authority could be defined as follows: When, out of the total authority, held by a superior, a portion thereof is passed on by the superior to a subordinate to enable the latter to perform some job on behalf of the former, for organizational purposes; it is known as delegation of authority.

Concept of Delegation of Authority The process of assignment of specific work to individuals within the organization and giving them the right to perform those works is delegation. It is about entrusting someone else to do parts of your job. There are a few guidelines in form of principles which can be a help to the manager to process of delegation.

The principles of delegation are as follows: Principle of result excepted-suggests that every manager before delegating the powers to the subordinate should be able to clearly define the. (2/3/06) The Concept of International Delegation Curtis A.

Bradley* and Judith G. Kelley** [Prepared for Duke Workshop on Delegating Sovereignty] In this paper, we seek to define and clarify the concept of international delegation.

Delegation is the assignment of any responsibility or authority to another person (normally from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out specific activities. It is .

Concept of delegation
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Principles of Delegation